The Pitch 2017!

Dec 6, 2017

We're giving 6 students the chance of a lifetime to pitch their deepest passions, most exciting research, and biggest dreams. The top pitch wins the chance to refine their Talk with speaking coaches and mentors, debuting on a global stage at TEDxNYU 2018. Check out the big ideas emerging at NYU - you don't want to miss out on this talk!

Meet the Creators

Nov 1, 2017

Words and ideas have the power to change the world. Though 97% of ideas are unfulfilled, a few creators were able to make their bright ideas into reality. Interested in social entrepreneuship? Startup culture? Innovation? Cultural influence?

TEDxNYU is hosting a Creators panel discussion with individuals who conceived ideas and saw them through. The panel will cover such topics as digital presence, brand management and entrepreneurship, while also dissecting the journey of each creator.

Lee-Sean Huang, Cofounder and Creative Director of Foossa
Isaac Marshall, Cofounder and Chairman of the Board of Hakook
Katlyn Grasso, Founder and CEO of GenHERation
Karishma Bhagani, Social Entrepreneur and Founder of Matone de Chiwit

Celebrating Stories of Community

Sept 27, 2017

What do modern communities look like and how should they function in an era of cultural shifts and changed political structures?

On 9/27 join the NYU Leadership Initiative and TEDxNYU to hear a diverse lineup of talented speakers as they celebrate stories of community! Whether you’re wondering how to navigate your way around a large campus, find your way in a new workplace environment, or engage a community in meaningful change- these speakers will inspire, enlighten and motivate you!

Imam Khalid Latif, Executive Director and Chaplain for the Islamic Center at New York University
Kristie Patten Koenig, Department Chair of the Department of Occupational Therapy at New York University; Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy
Pamela Campos-Palma, Director of Veteran Strategic Initiative at Beyond the Choir; Executive Director of Common Defense
Robert D. Jackson, Actor, Activist and Educational Strategist
Marlon Peterson, Principle at The Precedential Group, TED Resident, and Soros Justice Fellow

Adulting 101

Aug 29, 2017

Going to college and being an adult is hard.

That's why TEDxNYU is excited to present our annual Welcome Week event: Adulting 101! Join our insightful lineup of speakers as they talk about "adulting in the city". Discover how to navigate your career goals, academics and social life while building your mental health and leadership skills during at NYU! Spread the word to your freshmen friends or join us next Tuesday to welcome the class of 2021!

Free food will be served!!

Kelly Zheng is finishing up her second year as a consultant at Deloitte, servicing primarily Financial Service clients in the NYC area. She is also currently the Vice President of Student Affairs for Ascend- Pan Asian Leaders, New York Metro Professional Chapter where she oversees seven student chapters in NYC. Prior to starting her professional career, she was the President and Chairman of the Executive Board of the Penn State Chapter of Ascend for three years. For the past 6 years through her involvement with Ascend, Kelly has been a strong advocate of breaking the glass ceiling. She frequently speaks at many universities, conventions, corporate events, and professional gatherings around the country, sharing her experiences and advice as a young, Asian woman defying the societal norms of her demographic. Kelly lives by her favorite quote by Epictetus, "You have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as you speak."

Sam Chase is the author of Yoga & the Pursuit of Happiness, a book bringing eastern contemplative tradition and western scientific research together in a down-to-earth guide for everyday people. He has designed and delivered corporate and private yoga and meditation programs for the United Nations, the National Guard, New York University, Weill-Cornell Medical Center, CEOs, athletes, families and just about everyone in between. Sam leads yoga teacher trainings in New York and around the country, and has directed the training of over 1500 instructors in the past decade. He holds a masters degree from Harvard University, and certificates in Yoga and in Positive Psychology from the Kripalu Center, where serves as the lead facilitator for Kripalu's RISE program.

Joseph Fan is an attorney and real estate broker born and raised in New York City. He is a graduate of the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College and Cornell Law School. He also co-founded the nonprofit organization, Street Action For Equality & Respect (SAFER: NYC) with his wife to end street harassment by engaging men to be part of the solution. His legal research has been published in the Criminal Law Bulletin and the St. John School of Law's Journal of Civil Rights and Economic Development. He is also an author, and fashion and dating coach. In his off time, Joseph plays ice hockey, performs musical comedy and standup comedy, and is trained in Shima Jujitsu. His ultimate goal is to inspire a generation of thinkers and leaders to make a massive positive change in the world.

Antonella Cotilletta is a senior studying politics and business studies at NYU CAS and Stern. Antonella currently holds an internship in the Private Bank at JP Morgan Chase & Co where she works in the Asset & Wealth Management Department. She is a sprinter on the NYU Track & Field team. She also serves as President of IRHC, NYU's Hall Council and Chair of the Organization & Governance Committee of the Student Senators Council, advocating for student rights and promoting wellness and social programs for the university. She is currently developing an app to better support the res life community and provide students with easier access to NYU resources. She believes in a hard work ethic and achieving goals through honesty, integrity, and perseverance.